Guru Bahati Mershant - Kuntao Silat


Guru Bahati is a world class martial artist. He is a student of Chinese Kuntao that which was taught in Bandung, Indonesia. He was blessed to be able to travel to Indonsia and train with personally with some of the top Silat instructors in the world. Many of whom have now passed away. Guru Bahati has taught many students over the course of time including fighters such as BJ Penn. He has trained police departments and military forces in a number of countries including work with the USA Seal Team 6. Guru Bahati will be here to conduct a seminar for primarily Chinese Shaolin Center Student on Saturday April 14, 2011 and then a Seminar that will be open to the public on Sunday April 15, 2012. It is a privledge for our school to host such a skilled martial artists and healer as Guru Bahati.

We will hold a training session on Sunday April 1, 2012 at 3pm at the Chinese Shaolin Center. Please email to confirm your atttenance and/or if you are intersested in attending Guru Bahati's Class in April and if you are able to make the training class at 3pm. If you have additional question please speak with me directly.


Michael Reid

6th Degree Shaolin Master


Training Weapons:

Training Weapons are optional and their availability is limited. If you want one please let me know earlier rather than later.

Click this link to see the selection of real sabataans and Li Uli Ums.

Speciality Weapons of Guru Bahati


Video Of Guru Bahati:

Video of Guru Bahati teaching.

Video about martial arts & healing in Indonesia.